New Student Registration


The following attached forms are for all new student registrations.  These forms must be printed, completed, and an appointment must be made in order to submit them to the Counseling Department. Once all documents have been submitted and reviewed, a meeting will be coordinated with a Counselor to create a schedule for your student. The forms include:

  1. Student Registration Application: Everyone must complete this form. Only parents or legal guardians can register a student for school. You, (the legal guardian) will need to provide a driver's license and the student's original birth certificate. Please bring custody/divorce documents, if applicable.
  2. Records Release Form: Everyone must complete this form.
  3. Student Residency: Everyone must complete this form. There are Sections A, B, C, and D. Please complete the section that applies to you. You, (the legal guardian) will also need to provide four proofs of address showing residency within our District.
  4. Prospective Resident Application: Please complete this form if you are not living in the Clearview Regional School District at the time of registration, but you have a contract with a builder for a new home or a settlement date for a home already constructed. Tuition may be charged for the time you are not living in the district.
  5. Medical Emergency Card: Everyone must complete this form.
  6. Part A Health History Questionnaire and Part B Physical Examination: Everyone must complete these two forms. The student does not have to have the physical completed prior to making an appointment, but it is still required.
  7. Athletic Eligibility Assessment: Everyone must complete this form.
  8. Language Survey: Everyone must complete this form.
  9. Transportation Information Form: Everyone must complete this form.
  10. Child Nutrition Program: Please complete if you qualify and are interested in participating. 
  11. Notice of Defect in Application/Potential Ineligibility: Please complete the top section of this form. It will be needed if your registration is not complete.

When you have completed all registration forms and collected all necessary documents and proofs of residency, please call the Counseling Office  to schedule an appointment:

               High School: 856-223-2708

              Middle School: 856-223-2751

*If your student has an IEP please let us know as soon as possible, as we will need to schedule a meeting for you with the Child Study Team.*


Download and print Registration documents HERE